Megabus promotion codes

Megabus promotion codesMegabus’ famous ads say it all: “express bus service from $1″ between many cities in the US and Canada. On top of these seemingly-crazy prices, Megabus offers the kinds of amenities more expensive bus companies are notorious for not having. The only downside is that the rock-bottom prices are available only to the first few people who reserve seats on any bus. Everyone else pays full price, a generally still-affordable $20-30 price for a one-way ticket. If you want to get a better price, you need a Megabus promotion code.

Megabus promo codes extend that magic window of opportunity to weeks or months, and from one or two people per bus to ten thousand people or more. That means having a Megabus coupon increases the odds you’ll be able to score one of the ultra-cheap seats… and increases those odds a lot! All of a sudden you can travel halfway across the country, or the continent, on a dollar. Just remember to budget for food and lodging along the way.

busYes, there are a few things to look out for. Promo codes may have expiration dates, minimum order requirements, or total purchase limits. That means you can never just file the code away for a rainy day, you have to take a look at the terms and conditions to see how long it’ll last, and under what conditions. If you don’t know when you want to travel, being flexible about your travel dates may save you a lot of money. This goes double if you’re planning a trip with many stops. There may even be a minimum order requirement for a given coupon. That means bringing a few friends along for the ride can save everyone a lot of money.

Of course, the best time to travel on a coupon code is always the minute you find out about it. The code may only be good until it’s been used to buy a certain number of seats (a few thousand, perhaps). Once enough people find out about it, the cheap seats for that code run out and the code stops working.

Where do you find a Megabus code? The Internet, of course! There are hundreds of websites where people can share codes they know about. Some businesses post codes on their websites in order to attract potential customers. The attraction of dirt-cheap travel means tens of thousand of people look for codes they can use. Combined with Megabus’ features, this kind of attention has made the firm one of the most popular intercity bus companies in North America.

Even for people who don’t take the time to look for codes, it’s the experience of riding a Megabus that tends to make them loyal customers. Megabus offers free wireless Internet and power outlets on board, so people can get work done or just surf the Web. They also feature reclining seats, restrooms, luggage areas, and — perhaps most importantly — proper ventilation and air-conditioning systems to get rid of that stuffy atmosphere that plagues so many other bus companies. Combined with unbeatable prices for early buyers and determined promo-code hunters, that makes Megabus one of the best ways to travel.

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